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Not living in any of the above cities?

Download the general poster and leaflet below, or create your own poster using our blank poster template:

Check the pollution level near your child’s school

Search the map below and click on the dot to find out your local school’s pollution levels

The darker the dot, the higher the pollution level at your child’s school

  • The grey dots on this map show primary and secondary schools
  • High levels of NO2 are harmful to health and can indicate that other types of toxic traffic pollution are present
  • Studies have shown that the health of children living within 150 metres of illegally polluted roads can be affected by traffic-related air pollution
  • Even if your school is further than 150 metres from an illegally polluted road, air pollution can still impact children’s health at or on their way to school

Our children can’t wait another decade for the air to be safe to breathe

Legal limits of air pollution should have been met in 2010 but the UK government does not think this will happen until at least 2028. Action needs to happen now or the damage will already be done.

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